A bit of Friday Night Nonsense

when the kids are in bed
and the dishwasher swishes
when the lights in the house
are down to two
and if we had an analogue wall clock
its ticking would be immense;
when i've settled down with chocolate
and a cup of hot cocoa
and i get my computer mouse
mixed up with my hairbrush;
then it's time 
to join the creativity queue.
  *form an orderly line
  *1.5 metres apart please (this is mid-pandemic, my friends)
  *sanitize hands before getting your thoughts
  *all muses have been deep cleaned
  *no shouting or singing - no undue droplets
  * masks on at the writing table
  *  1, 2 ,3 off you go then: Left, Write, Left, Write, Left...

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