Green is My Breath

Sometimes luxury
is as simple as a window
with green outside

i look past the couch
to the many-tinctured leaves
and am grateful

and i realize
that greenery (plant-life)
is not incidental

or purely aesthetic
it doesn't have to be scientific
or environmental

it is eye-medicine
as well as ALL those other things
it is why IKEA 

peoples their displays
with trailing plants
(even if they are plastic)

and it's why new suburbs
feel painful to me
like the raw injured earth

is crying from the push
of jagged buildings
and like roads are the black

of creeping death.
It is why my daily walks
populate my phone

with the same kinds 
of pictures every time.
Green is my peace

my breath, my blanket,
my smile, my pillow... 
my good night's sleep.

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