Ladies & Gentleman,

Tonight I am here to speak with you about Lazy Luck. Some people simply snorter along through life: getting this job, winning that prize, getting a book published… they have no glue about how lucky they are. It’s lazy, that’s true, but in a strange way it’s not their fault. In fact, they bind up thinking they are pretty good because all this stuff just happens to them. Well, my friends, it is our job to bring them down a head, you know. We need to gather our horses and make it clear that only hard graphs win. Best said, soonest mended, you know. So we have to be dogmatic you know – gentle but absolutely opaque. Now, I want you all to divide into groups for a bit of role-playing. Imagine one of you is the lazy one and the other is the dogmatic explainer. We’ll recontravene in 10 minutes…

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