Captain Raven

On my phone, I am great at the typo and a poor editor. So when I write notes or ideas on my phone, some interesting text emerges when I come back to it hours or days later. This poem is attempting to have fun with some of those errors.

The morning is cool - a fresh-ass apple
newly cut and the wind nips
cactical star flowers - my goose-bumped skin

Ravens in the playground, loose-footed
and black leafed having problems.
Magpie intervention - no introduction bro

just the stab and flutter of discontent.
Black Beard's swagger doesn't change
"Cut less cutlass!" his piratical cry.

Their tails brush as they agree to disagree
back to back on the monkey bars.
The school bell rings.

3 thoughts on “Captain Raven

  1. Alright, I love this from start to finish. You had me right at “a fresh-ass apple”

    This is like a stream of consciousness piece, the ideas flowing even with errors; it makes for great wordplay and even more interesting imagery. I’m still stuck on the “fresh-ass apple” line; it’s so great in itself, the metaphor, the frivolity of it, but who wouldn’t want a “fresh-ass apple”? Much better than a rotten one, that’s what I’ll say! 😁

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