The Secret

Just as the galaxy
hurls interstellar objects
past our telescopes
in teasing hint of what else may be

today a secret 
was thrown in my window
a mystery chunk
all glittered up with the
shock of its smashing

the note said
"Guardian of this rock
seek not its true owner
for ye shall
spread great unhappiness
thou dough-eared

And so under my bed
the sullen lump festers
unable to be repudiated

The note
I burned in a colander
in a very hot oven
until the colander handles fell off
and the ash
was finer than
the silken hairs
beneath a baby's collar

and I swept up the glass
into the colander
with the handles
and buried it all under a bush
and covered it
with rocks of my own
so the dog
would not dislodge it

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