A Honey Night

I watch the night creep along

the slender pink bough of next door’s gum

illuminated by that ha’penny moon

and dripping with bronze

questions thicker than Pooh Bear’s

honey. I lie here, thoughts traveling

‘round and around like Piglet’s footsteps

in the snow, small but firm I guess, and

as trotters would, imprinting deeply

the craters we make ourselves

dark and melting cold, good for little

except wet toes and, at this hour,

the weariness of tomorrow’s headache

already glimpsable. I fix eyes on that

elegant limb, that marshmallow evening,

that eucalypt heart and each question

drips gold and viscous into the

puddle I have imagined on the pavement

ripe for tomorrow’s gumboots.

While imagined stomping children

and the puddle’s gradual displacement

in sticky footprints heading away

I slowly drift too and sleep finds me.

In the morning,I unstick each eyelid

wiping away drowsy golden gloop

without surprise.

7 thoughts on “A Honey Night

  1. I think it’s layered on a bit thick 🙂 but it’s a great opening and the pooh bear conceit works well … and then you lose me a bit but then comes that great, magical ending reprising the honey image —

    Liked by 1 person

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