Brain / Feet Interactions

there's a great saying in Croatian
"aku nemash u glavi imash u nogama"
basically it means
if you don't have it in the head
you must have it in the legs

i mean, just today,
i put the chooks away
and then had to run back later
to get the chook bucket
and make sure I'd shut
the hatch over the nesting boxes
so wandering cats
or foxes couldn't get in

but sometimes my legs
have nowhere to run
and my brain runs instead
into the pit of my stomach
and whips up like a whisk
curdling whatever's there

i try hiding under a quilt
like i've seen my kids do
but my brain is under there with me
and although i can't see the monsters
i know they're all still out there
(and let's be honest
they're not the kind of monsters
who hang about for ogling)

so it doesn't take long
for me to throw the useless quilt aside
and stomp angrily through the house
gathering up dirty clothes
and shoving them malevolently
into the washing machine

anger is easier
and some of the curdles
come out through my crashing feet
curling out on the floor
where i can sweep them up later
and put them in the bin.

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