The Real Dishwasher

Tonight I unloaded the dishwasher
which my husband had set going earlier -
three dirty plates out of a very sparse load.
Already cranky about having written nothing,
I swore to myself and ran a sinkful of hot sudsy water,
plugged in a podcast about the rediscovery of Hitler's Horses
and set to,  laying out tea towels along the bench
once the drainer was full. I even dried up and
put everything away. I look forward to walking into the clean
kitchen in the morning and knowing
that I don't even have to unpack the dishwasher.
And I think my husband will enjoy the story
of the Dutch Art Detective and Hitler's Horses.

9 thoughts on “The Real Dishwasher

    1. It was a lovely conversation with Richard Fidler. Lots of humour. If the Dutch guy writes anything like he speaks, the book may be enjoyable too. But yes, I certainly appreciated a summarized version that could entertain me while I washed up.

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    1. Lol. Only the books from the big publishers, according to my writer friend. An author taken on by Penguin is far more likely to find his/her way onto the ABC than from a small publisher, even if said author has been nominated for the Prime Minister’s award for said book. But I do feel sorry for the ABC. Gov’t cuts and gov’t threats of more gov’t cuts. It’s not an easy time to be “non commercial”. Unis are struggling too.


  1. I’m old enough to reckon we, as taxpayers should pay more tax to make the ABC free of the need to prostitute itself to commercial interests, and more so with the disgraceful situation we have allowed to develop as far as tertiary education.

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