breakfast elongated

this morning

in the rush of lost hats

and packed swimmers

and adjusted goggles

and tangled hair

i forgot to eat my

twice cooked breakfast

(twice cooked because

even months later

i still think the salt

is the sugar –

being in the old

sugar jar-

and a teaspoon plus

of salt on one’s

porridge is gross

so i had to start again)

so later when i walked

the dog my stomach

grumbled and wheezed

and flipped inside me

and i thought

when is this anxious feeling going to go?

then i got home

and there was my

breakfast on the bench

and a warm spark

of gladness ignited

in my brain

that i was just hungry

so i heated the porridge up

in the microwave

and gobbled it down


11 thoughts on “breakfast elongated

  1. Good work!
    I prepared my porridge last night before bed – just left the oats and the milk in the pan on the cold stove – waiting for me this morning to heat up: I don’t know why I did that, I’d never done it before, but this morning it made me happy and I felt like an adult or a success or something. Eee, salt! I know! Is that a Scottish thing? I couldn’t bear to eat mine unless it is larruped with honey.

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    1. Ha ha. Larruped. Great word! And I know what you mean feeling like this simple preparation was a great success. I sympathise entirely. My grandma used to cook her porridge with a pinch of salt. I couldn’t stand that so a whole teaspoon was definitely beyond disgusting!

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  2. I enjoyed the images at the start like the last hats and goggles. I can relate to that school rush. And twice cooked breakfast has a good ring to it! What a nice surprise to discover the source of anxiety was really fixed. Kind of like when you realise you’re hangry and not hungry.

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