An Unexpected Passenger

Today, while driving, I suddenly noticed moving legs above my sun visor.

This has happened to me before and it was a giant huntsman spider (including his legs, about the size of the palm of my hand). Then, as now, an involuntary gasp escaped me and I immediately looked for a place to pull over. Then, I was on a winding mountain road and was lucky to find a place quickly. I leapt out and hunted for a stick with which to evict my unwelcome guest. A kindly motor bike rider offered assistance. I assured him that between me and the stick, we would sort El Arachnid out. I don’t clearly remember the outcome but I think I managed to flick him out onto the road and he ran under the car and disappeared.

Today, however, when I took a second glance at the sun visor, I realised that the legs were green and that my unexpected passenger was a praying mantis. I felt no immediate threat from him but did keep an eye on him as I drove. He seemed to watch me too, his head that stereotypical alien shape with bulbous eyes slimming down to pointy mouth parts.

When opportunity allowed it, I pulled over near an oval and went and picked a couple of strong stems of grass. With these, I managed to persuade him to grab hold of one and I transported him to the grass, hoping it would supply sufficient camouflage.

Half an hour later, when I told my Dad of the encounter, he told me that he had once picked up a praying mantis and it had bitten him hard enough to draw blood. I was glad, I had gone the grass stem option. Dad also told me that his mother (my grandmother) had a praying mantis living in her kitchen for a while and she would feed it dead flies. Dad imitated the action of the insect as it accepted her gifts. I grinned. My grandmother was such an animal lover. This was a fabulous image of her to carry with me through the day. I smile again now, just thinking about it.

25 thoughts on “An Unexpected Passenger

    1. Recently, I was driving and there was a spider (small North American variety, and nowhere near as threatening as a huntsman spider) in my car and I still screamed and had to pull over to the shoulder to avoid a car accident! I cannot imagine dealing with a huntsman! But yes, a praying mantis sounds like a much better passenger!

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      1. Thanks. Yes another person made a comment which needn’t have upset me but it did because my post was very personal. I figured the person hadn’t understood it and therefore I hadn’t got my meaning across. I think I will try it without a word limit.

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  1. Hi–your link in the Mister Linky for the dVerse Prosery prompt goes to an error page. I didn’t know how else to reach you. I will remove it. If you have a Prosery post, please add it so everyone can enjoy it!
    That spider would have freaked me out! One of my daughters has a praying mantis phobia, so this would have really scared her! I like the story of your grandmother. πŸ˜€

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