On the Beach

this being human is a beach

here amongst the grit and tug 
of harassed sand,
cushioned in the warmth
of serendipitous sun
or embattled by a switchback wind
we watch the clouds
caress or rip raw our
pieces of sky

the bending grace of
this sand our home
drops mysteriously away 
and we're drawn 
ever onward by
that translucent
sheath of forever green

written for dVerse - Kim's Poetics Challenge  "The Art of Being Human"

43 thoughts on “On the Beach

    1. thank you! 🙂 Do you emphasize the first syllable of harassed? I’m used to the American pronunciation (emphasizing the second syllable) but my Dad emphasizes the first and I think it sounds better that way in this poem.

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      1. LOL. It’s my computer that likes American spelling. It underlines it in red every time I spell such verbs with an “s” and sometimes I just cave and do what it wants. But I must admit, when I heard my British headmaster (in highschool) say harass, I thought he was saying Harris, and I was a bit confused. 🙂 But I now hear and understand both pronunciations and waver between them.

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  1. I love the way you build up the extended metaphor, with ‘harassed sand’, ‘serendipitous sun’ and ‘switchback wind’, all of which I can relate to. My favourite image is the clouds caressing or ripping raw pieces of sky. I also love the glimpse of the other side of the fence in the final lines.

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  2. Way to take this lovely image to compare our existence and then tug out the gritty details of a beach. The extremes of wet and dry and perhaps a kinda lonely image as well. Much enjoyed. Very thought-provoking.

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    1. Yes.. this is a lovely piece!
      You write in motion, sort of how the human life is – never settled… like the sands on the beach. Being swept about by the wafts of the waters and the drafts of the wind, while being scorched by a serendipitous sun!

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      1. Human life, “never settled”–it does seem that way often…but then there are those lovely days of peace and contentment, joy when you know God is SO Present, and you’re confident He is settling everything–it’s wonderful!💖

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