No Matter the Love

Reading a book to my kids with a bit about Greta Thunberg

I start thinking about all the tomorrows

that never came and it’s as breaking

as the friend who never calls or the seed that never grows

no matter the love

no matter the love


All those kids holding hands around the equator

I remember that image from primary school

we’re all grown up now but with COVID there’s no hand holding

and it’s too hot around the equator so we knit scarves around a tree or two

no matter the love

no matter the love


Got our eyes on Mars for the future because

when a bin gets full, you buy another because recycling is hard.

I guess it doesn’t give you that adrenaline rush.

Teaching our kids to run away when life gets tough

no matter the love

no matter the love


We careen around the sun together

on this billy-cart called Earth – the best one we’ve got.

Species flying off into outer space. We’re

holding on to hope because that’s the only handle left

no matter the love

no matter the love

10 thoughts on “No Matter the Love

  1. a thought provoking piece: love the freewheeling image of the earth as a billy cart careening around the sun; that same stanza eerily echoes the last verse of Neil Young’s ‘After the Goldrush’ —

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