Crapper Rap

There’s a point where it stops being funny,

flood in house, water in garage, misfit dunny.

If you’re ever unsure

that you need to insure

just take my four letter word for it, honey.

19 thoughts on “Crapper Rap

    1. Oh this limerick is one of frustration. Mostly they’re going well. But yesterday (thanks to all the rain) the garage flooded. Of course that’s where all the stuff from the house is stored. The damage is minor at least. And then the new toilet doesn’t fit in the allotted space. Neither big things but well it has been a tough year already so they feel like punches.


      1. Ha ha. Nope. Husband and I carefully selected said loo, brought it home but we would have had to move the tap in the wall (the one that fills the cistern) in order to put the toilet over the pre-ordained hole in the floor. So… no go. Had to send new toilet back to hardware store.


      2. I’m glad you didn’t get Stan to install. You might have ended up with it upside down which would make it a bit uncomfortable to sit on

        Is a ‘preordained’ hole one which has had a preacher’s blessing done on it., prior to having a toilet plonked on it ? Sounds a bit religious…..

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      3. Cistern water from the chapel loo. Of course…how fitting…we won’t go into need for couple of church choirists and cost to hire. Imagination’s a fine tool for writers but needs to be kept in check, hey?

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  1. lol… but I feel your pain. Our septic has not been pumping out properly lately, and when my husband went to see what the problem was, he dropped the torch into it. Then the toilet clogged up, so I got the job of fixing that.

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