Quadrille #124

These myriad drops
tapping my jacket
soaking my jeans,
and the propped dog
legs akimbo,  shakes 
from ears to tail
Tying my shoelace,
the knot oozes water
like a squeezed rag;
I remember
last night’s moon
arcing through gauze
the wring of light.

Challenge from Mish at dVerse:

Write a poem of exactly 44 words, not including the title. Include the word “knot” in some form.

31 thoughts on “Quadrille #124

      1. Yikes! Houses can be a pain. We just bought one a few years ago after renting and moving around with the Army forever. We’ve had our fair share of problems as well. Keep your chin up (and wear some platforms) this too shall pass! 💖

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