Tropical Swimming

Monsoon season afternoon
rain will come very soon.
School bus air thick as lard,
tiny blue fan blowing hard -
getting off the vinyl seats
sounds a lot like ripping sheets.
While the clouds form a bundle
into the kitchen we all trundle;
looking for milk and yummy snacks
then to bedrooms we make tracks.
Swimmers on as the rain pelts down
grey as the concrete fence all round.
Keen as mustard, back downstairs
looking at the pool with eager stares.
Our guest is shocked at our plan
"Swim in the rain!  I'm not a fan!"
When we query her etiquette
she responds "Because I'll get wet!"

9 thoughts on “Tropical Swimming

  1. The colors are brilliant and the description of the bus, brings it all back, that feeling of flesh peeling off of vinyl, and the rumble. Ugh, a headache for me. Thank you for sharing this tropical afternoon.

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