P&C Revolution

It's Wednesday night 
and in homes across the catchment
children are asked to 
"keep it down"
while one parent
finds a hidey hole
which pretends to be an office
for another COVID19 
P&C meeting
on time, on track and on budget
on Skype

The topic is the school fete
beset by 1.5 metre problems
and the currency being cash.
Linda is the main stay
the experienced soul
the one who tied up
all the strings last year
in a neat bow of profit
satisfying the endless
craving for money
in classrooms, in the playground.
In glowing retrospect

the fete's the thing
each year to pull funds in -
full of games and 
donations to sell
and rides and animals to pat.
It's the P&C's big hurrah
it's the end of year gala
it's a tradition, a date
a calendar must
and this virus is exploding it
in it's atomic way...
in bodies, in cash tills, in laws
in psychological unease.

Everybody thinks hard
through the fibre optics
pondering possible angles
to make the dream
real again.  And Linda says
hopefully,  dolefully, wistfully
"Is there a way 
of washing the money?"
And ideas flew and tumbled
and minutes spun
and the dry-cleaned secrets swam
in the online laundry, 
in the fabric of fund-raising
in P&C history.

*NB  I don't know about other countries but in Australian schools, there is usually a voluntary body of parents doing a lot behind the scenes to raise more money so that the school can have better equipment and better services.

Written for dVerse – whimsygimzo’s Challenge “Put your words on Spin Cycle” – write about laundry.

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