Midnight Alarm

this frame my window
captures the spillage of the inverted half moon
the splashing fall of silver-green sepia
on grass and tree crown and verandah rail
and the hulk of the concrete rainwater tank
and the innocent motion of the breeze
and the hum from way down there
of the season-swollen river
and its rush to be somewhere

else but the many holes of incorrigible black
the gaping patchless maws of blindness
into which the dog stares hackles like fences 
along his small white back. His long high yell 
wakes me like a fire alarm, out of the words
of another poem, into his fear and warning
I try to tell him it’s probably just the alpacas
but he is disappointed by my stupidity
and rushes off to bark through other frames

so, awake, I write this instead

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