A Sight Swiped World

If we were all blind
the elastic axle 
of our ear drums
would free wheel 
without caprice.

We would sit 
in gorgeous harmony
so many isms vanished 
with appearance
- our sensual palate 
veered arc-wise.

Free of colour prejudice
we would detect
the tingle of a rainbow 
in our fingertips,
or the smell of honesty 
sweet as opium to our minds.

This sight swiped world
would swell - a rose's bud,
to trespass our amygdalas
with the certainty
of a mushroom
exploding upward to the light.

We would listen 
soundwaves like secrets
painting pictures
of who people are,
smelling their intentions,
absorbing their themness

and never for a moment
caring if they were
polkadotted, frilly, pale
or wearing torn jeans.

This was belatedly written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Wordle #235

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