Apple Jazz

Everyone seems to be writing amazing sensual poems this week. This is was an attempt at a sexy poem (not my usual genre). It was written many years ago after I attended an apple festival (of all things) just out of Melbourne. It was a fascinating event and very pleasant too.

Ah sweet caramello dude
come to me
with kisses
	on this
	   rain grey afternoon.

Granny smiths glisten
globes of glow echoing 
	instruments magical
	and spectacular.

Let this trumpet sing for you
	mellow as warm
chocolate sauce.


It's jazz time, honey.
Like bees,
	the sax croons
	     to produce this syrup
this sweet
   floaty tongue-sticking stuff.
	Cox's Orange Pippen.

Like the drums, man.
Like the drums
	the rhythm beats in you
	sexy boom smiley boom
    marching man.

Hey soldier boy,
  hold THIS rhythm
    with your thumbs
 between my

      like wings of eagles
  crack and soar

Golden Delicious.

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