Hemingway says:

“Wine is one of the most civilised things in the world…”

but why? Civilisation is a human construct as is

wine. It’s no more civilised than stainless

steel which we also touch to our

lips and which builds our

bridges over those



This was written in response to dVerse (again belated) Quadrille #125. I have answered the prompt but I hope I won’t be considered a bad sport for failing to take up the “in praise of wine” mantel.

29 thoughts on “Hemingway says:

  1. I used to quote Hemingway as saying “Write drunk, edit sober,” but I’ve found there is actually no source attributing it to him. Hemingway was known for drinking a lot though. I fall asleep after a few glasses. I think it just affects everyone different. Enjoyed the description of rivers as uncivilized…it’s interesting to examine that word!

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    1. When I was in China, so many people told me “French is the most beautiful language in the world.” It’s like they got taught it in Primary School. It didn’t bother me too much… maybe because I like the sound of French too. But I do find declaratory statements like that bizarre. Stating opinion like it’s fact. And maybe, it bothers me more now than it did then because of so much uncivilized water under so many stainless steel bridges. 😉🙂

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    1. I actually find the analysis quite beautiful as well – just Newton’s second applied over and over but each equation linking each joint to the next… a bit like one of those repeating poetry forms where each line is a variation of the last. Hmmm… I’ve told my students that truss analysis is fun, like a cross-word or sudoku, and they just glaze at me. Maybe they will appreciate a poetry analogy more! 😀

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