Bowing to the Brindabellas

She overtakes us on the hill
her hula hoop over her shoulder
bizarre in this setting
but as confident
as her shiny leggings.

I huff and puff 
at the end of the dog's leash
the steep incline
pumping full of acid
the backs of my legs

But the view makes me feel
alive and I wish I had V with me
to list the mountains
like a song and identify trees
in her precise accent

When the trig station
is already in view
with its friendly hammock
slung between its four poles
by some future-proofing walker

I see her again.  Her
hula hoop is hanging from 
a wattle branch.  She has
found a perfectly flat rock
and her shiny leggings
extend in blue yoga poses

like the mountain range
she bows to.

11 thoughts on “Bowing to the Brindabellas

    1. Oh maybe that’s an Aussie thing. They put these structures on the highest points around an area. It’s to do with surveying. Trig as in trigonometry. You walk up a hill/mountain and your reward is knowing you’re at a high point.

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      1. Ah. Here they usually have a four posted tower thing forming a kind of point at the top, graced with some dowdy circle of rusting metal. The four posts usually make me forget that they’re trig stations because trig should be three. 😂 But by luck tonight my brain grasped the vocab.

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