under the plane trees
leaves kiss
lips brown with long
summer swinging

where the piles 
are deepest, children
raise reckless chaos
faces collapsible
in mirth

suspended russet
like eyelashes flirting,
resting a moment

rakish & Bohemian
on a head of curls
and then a breeze
(or specious jaguar?)

arches its patchwork spine
in colourful ripple
and the children
are joyously

Written for MLMM Wordle #237

Words: Kiss, Eyelashes, Long, Bohemian, Raise, Deepest, Plummet, Reckless, Jaguar, Specious, Collapsible, Colorful

11 thoughts on “autumn

      1. kinetic is one thing, centrifugal is something other; now you’ve got me intrigued: I can’t imagine what centrifugal verse would look like; let me work on that one πŸ™‚

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