Pet Peeves

Warning: This may have 44 words but calling it a Quadrille is somewhat pretentious.

 I don’t get: 
1)  people putting biodegradable dog turds  
into plastic and into landfill! 
2) vets saying dogs shouldn’t eat bones   
(Isn’t that anti-evolution?) 
3) the dog breeder promoting tinned food 
over delicious home cooked stew. 
It’s just bothersome companies  looking for more money!

Written in response to dVerse Quadrille #126 “Come Bother Up a Poem”

32 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. The dog poo thing is more a matter of politeness, in my opinion. Nobody wants to step in dog poo and if you live next to someone who never cleans their dog’s poo out of the yard, it can become a really awful situation, particularly on a hot day.
    I think a composting toilet might be a good solution for the poo in the yard.

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    1. Oh here in Australia we put poo in the yard either under a bush or straight into the bins which get emptied by the garbage truck. No need to put that in plastic. It’s the plastic I object to. I pick up the poo with a piece of bark or a leaf and put it where people are unlikely to walk. But perhaps in bigger cities this isn’t possible. In Canberra there’s a lot of green space and there are almost always trees and bushes about where I walk my dog.


  2. Yep, sounds like you have a ‘bone to pick’ indeed, and rightly so! Some things just don’t make sense, like dog poo and plastic bags and landfill etc. I guess it’s a case of outta sight, outta mind [?] Thanks for expressing this so well!

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  3. I don’t know what a quadrille is and I don;t care — but I like this: it’s straightforward, honest, open, and it expresses the bewilderment we all feel when ‘experts’ offer counter-intuitive advice — and that cynical last line !!

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