For Lost Pieces

Like the red-gold and yellow trees
I’m shucking leaves -
my bones are bare
to knife clean air

Branches stiff, tall skeletons stark
early the dark
oaks still weeping 
winter creeping.

Does a tree feel a loss of self -
grief on a shelf
for all to see
like naked me?

Written for MLMM’s Lucky Dip – Minute Poem

(12 lines, 60 syllables, 8,4,4,4 8,4,4,4 8,4,4,4)

17 thoughts on “For Lost Pieces

  1. I had to look up the North American term ‘shucking’ and in the process learnt what ‘shuck’ is, the double meaning; so I take it in some way you feel exposed, vulnerable like a denuded tree might feel in the powerful last stanza: an adventurous piece and intriguing 🙂

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  2. John’s comments are always perceptive! A really strong poem about body awareness. Unfortunately for humans, once each season of life has passed, there’s no going back, no springtime renewal. I like to think I’m at a late Autumn stage, but I might be kidding myself. Who really knows when Winter is coming?😊

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