Girt by Campaigning II

Reposted for Earthweal open link weekend #66. I wrote this in October 2020 in response to the Australian government’s announcement of a “gas lead recovery” from COVID19.

Out of the Cave

This idea
of a gas lead recovery...

put your money on a drill bit
and watch it sink
spinning into the dark earth
beneath the dark sea.
It augers well.

We're spiraling, Australia,
into this gassy pit...
Back in black,
just as they promised.

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18 thoughts on “Girt by Campaigning II

  1. It’s bizarre – industry and consumers are turning their backs on these technologies, even the banks are refusing to loan for them… wtf is going on with our politicians…? Oh yeah, donations… The resources sector is our NRA.

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    1. Yeah. It’s depressing. Somebody told me that the gov’t has a massive contract signed for purchase of huge quantities of gas. Signed before Scomo’s “miracle” victory. And they’re too scared to just throw that money away so they keep making up new reasons to need gas.


      1. yep ultimately we see what capitalism foes to the environment, I think the two are diametrically opposed. As for democracy we have all developed forms of democracy which ultimately are not democratic. I don’t know your system well but I’m sure it must be loaded somehow.

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    1. Yeah. My friend just suggested that as an outlet for my confessed grumpiness (since my cancer diagnosis), I should use the anger to write letter to politicians. It seems like a good idea… even if I never send them.

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