On the Tip


on one toe

on the tip an iceberg

“the arctic is on fire”

on the tipping point

tippy toe

tip slipping

“Global GDP to fall 25 per cent without more climate action, banks warn”


not falling

but feeling the feeling

“the most severe physical and economic impacts of climate change.”

the dizzy wait


for handhold

and footrest

and heart’s peace.

Originally written in June 2020 under the title #beamusupScotty. Reblogged for Earthweal open link weekend 67

18 thoughts on “On the Tip

  1. Beam us up indeed. It wont be until climate crisis costs the billionaires that things will get serious. Sadly, that seems to be where we’re at. Gah!

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  2. I love all the wordplay which, although it initially seems light-hearted, highlights a serious issue with devastating consequences. I also like the ambiguity of the title: on the tip of an iceberg caused by creating and living on a rubbish tip; and the use of quotes.

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  3. Well said, though I would question any wisdom offered up by the banks, in particular relating to GDP, a measure of everything except anything that really matters. But if it gets them to take action at least to save themselves then at least that’s something!

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    1. My take on it is, if the banks are saying climate change will affect GDP, the politicians might take notice as economics seems to be their focus. And politicians have the power to make stuff happen. Personally I agree with you that GDP isn’t terribly valuable. But I know our PM would disagree and frankly, I would love to get his attention.

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      1. Yes I agree if they think they’re going to loose money they will start to listen. I do worry about countries such as Russia who will have greater access to oil reserves as a result of the climate crisis 😳

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      2. I kind of hope that access will become irrelevant. In business terms, digging up oil is so expensive. And it will lose value if nobody else wants it. I am not sure what Russia’s best options are for renewables though. Maybe oil still will be attractive to them. I really don’t know.

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