Eternal Gardener

             dear moon, 

    your full & timeless clock face
lumbers sweetly 
    to sky's zenith
nightly to be clipped
    by nature's secateurs
until in quiet arc
      you let blackness
paint your trail.


such brief concession!
      re-seeding bravely
unshyly reigniting
     unfurling, centripetal
your stubborn orbit unmaimed


Written for dVerse's Quadrille #127  Planting Seeds

28 thoughts on “Eternal Gardener

      1. I’d never noticed the petal before! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Centrifugal force is not โ€œa thingโ€
        itโ€™s centripetal that pulls you in!
        Thereโ€™s petal in one, nice to recall,
        and in the other, thereโ€™s just fug-all.

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      2. I had to Google centrifugal to figure out what you meant. I wonder where the general impression came from that it’s an actual thing. Where did the word come from? It’s confusing. Like the unicorn of forces.


      3. (no reply option lower down – so ordering getting jumbled, sorry)
        I think centrifugal force comes from a “common sense” interpretation of physical experience. If you’re being moved around in a circle in a vehicle, you feel the outside surface pushing on you, and we think we must want to fly outwards. If we want to fly outwards, we think there must be an outwards force…
        I think it’s because fundamentally humans are very self-centred. We give our own personal reference frame a validity above any external objective frame. Our personal, accelerating frame does have an outwards centrifugal force, but from an objective (inertial) frame there is only an inwards centripetal force.
        It’s like mirrors. Left and right are only reversed because we define them relative to ourselves. Externally defined directions – eg north and south – are no more reversed than up and down. Only depth is reversed.
        Must be a good metaphor for something in there… ๐Ÿ˜€

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      4. Basically, yes. It wants to go in a straight line, but the bottom of the billy provides the centripetal force pushing the water in towards the centre of the circle. Your hand on the billy does the same thing for it. I think I need to write a physics blog post on this with diagrams and equations… maybe on the weekend.

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      5. Lol. Sorry. Don’t want to create work for you. I think I understand what you’ve said. It’s a good way to spend time in waiting rooms, pestering you with physics questions.


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