Scene Sprung from a List of Words

It’s Friday evening
and the masculine sky
is built thick
with steroidal clouds
muscling out
the tops of awed sky-scrapers.
Contrasting snow
like cherry blossoms
chases the piquant wind
while umbrellas
like bent and splendid
crepes admit colour in splashes
as commuters battle
through the park.
Two girls, gripping
insecure scarves
attempt to exhume
a large golden retriever
from a hedge of sticks
where a bunny tail
took shelter 
moments ago.  

Written for MLMM’s wordle #239

Image from Pexel Images

18 thoughts on “Scene Sprung from a List of Words

      1. Ha ha. So funny what ppl connect. I connect steroids with gym junkie blokes. I realize that steroids are used in medicine but it never occurred to me that it was subliminal messaging. πŸ˜ƒ

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