Advance Nostalgia

if Mars is
what happens next;
when metal ships
slant outward
their wakes
fading white "V"s
in sky's empty eye
we will look back
and wonder at the
cobalt beauty
of this place
our home

Written for MLMM's challenge (use synonyms of the words go, then, here, blue and lean) and also for Earthweal's Weekend Open Link #69

25 thoughts on “Advance Nostalgia

  1. beautiful and sad; whenever I read of metal ships heading off into space I think of those haunting lines from Neil Young’s ‘After the Goldrush’: it’s on YouTube: it’s one of my top five fave songs and it describes the ‘loading’ that your poem alludes to; do you know it. Worms?

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      1. We just listened to it and read the lyrics at the same time. It’s a beautiful song with some amazing lines. My computer’s speakers are awful (or perhaps the recording I picked on Youtube didn’t help). Anyway, I’ll find it on Spotify and listen through my headphones for a better version. THanks for sharing. It’s so sad to think how long people have been worrying about this stuff and big corporations busily hiding it and ignoring it and sweeping it under the rug. So sad and so unforgivable.

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    1. Indeed. And the technical possibility is probably several decades away. Unless a lot of us die in a hurry. But I guess my poem is more about remembering how beautiful this Earth is. And I am quite against space exploration while we continue to leave litter everywhere we go.

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