Can she help
from there on the sidewalk?
As far as I can tell, she isn't

missing any pieces -
sawn off and dissected -
her awareness

is of mindly matters.
She tosses crystaline wisdom
to smash on my hard-formed

self-image - her logic chains
are breached by the 
someone in my head who

denounces her words
as the platitudes
of a bystander

I stare at her healthy body
and forget to search
for her nugget of truth.

From here, her lofty
office chair is unreasonably
perky and her reasoning

a faulty apparatus
cramped by her wholeness -
no part of her body

has been dishonourably discharged

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #241

21 thoughts on “Counselling

  1. fully empathise, Worms; it’s almost obscene that they look down from their whole and wholesome, perch while you are in a diminished state; the last three stanzas and that bomb of a last line say it all !

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    1. Thanks, Ingrid. The public health system here offers counselling to cancer patients. I accepted it without really knowing what I needed or what to expect. I will give it another chance. It was only my second session.

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  2. Wow, really powerful.
    Hugs ❤
    My ex was badly injured in a car accident (many, many years ago), mostly facial, and a counsellor went to talk to him in the hospital. Unfortunately they started in a patronising tone with the question "do you know what a psychologist is?". To which he replied "someone who couldn't get into medicine to become a psychiatrist" and that was the end of that…

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  3. Don’t think you’re parts have been dishonorably discharged, although I love these lines. Parts pruned while the plant grows and flourishes onwards, as you and your words will surely do.

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