For those who love coffee…

The sky is your barista
blending froth and colour
in patterns extraordinary;

steeping Earth in beauty’s
eye – our planet incredible,
like that first drop of hot milk

in ooze-black espresso. Indubitable.
Cast not poison in the face of
your barista lest she singe you

with Herculean rage and spit 
venomous storms and steamy
thunder - every coffee spoiled

Written for Earthweal Open Link #70

16 thoughts on “For those who love coffee…

  1. I love this one! The way you transition so seamlessly from the nice sky barista making pretty latte art patterns in your cup to the raging burnt spoiled coffee by the abused earth barista is amazing! Also, I think this is an excellent title!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!!! You have understood every thought in it perfectly and I’m glad you think it worked. I’m glad you like the title. I figured it might miss the mark for those who don’t like coffee. 🙂


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