moody afternoon

as I drove
I saw a mood
in colour
the clouds
took on the 
shades of autumn leaves
puffy and rouged
tinged with bronze
against a canvas
of washing-day blue
the leaves themselves
became ruddy lanterns
warming softly the light
and in the distance
the sky glowered
school uniform grey
thick as a duffle coat
to infinity and beyond
as though this place 
and now were 
hope in a storm

Written for Mish’s dVerse Prompt “Go ahead, Make my day” in which she asks us to pick from a selection of lines from movies and weave our chosen quote into a poem. I chose “to infinity and beyond” from Toy Story

26 thoughts on “moody afternoon

  1. I love this nostalgia-inducing poem, which took me back to the autumn term, going back to school in my stiff, itchy new uniform. The use of colour is deft, especially ‘washing-day blue’, and evocative, and these lines made me smile:
    ‘the leaves themselves
    became ruddy lanterns’
    ‘the sky glowered
    school uniform grey
    thick as a duffle coat’.

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