Fall into Winter (Canberra – Australia)

Written for Sonnet Sunday – Prompt by Experiments in Fiction

I don’t fall into winter, not like the dead leaves,
but charge in, daubed cheeks and white breath;
eager mornings tugging aside curtains’ sheaves
to see the silvering frost-blanket the night has left.

I don’t fall into winter, wishing for some brakes
holding arms in front of me,  trying to stop time.
I gallop in gladly, relishing air’s chilly embrace
finding energy in the distancing of sun’s blue climb.

I don’t fall into winter but into blankets’ soft hug,
the warm closeness of my children reading at night;
and the cadence of cat’s breathing curled in the snug
ring of his tail - supple and unconscionable feline delight.

Imagine a crisp, blue sapphire – the cold mineral gleam
and yet shot with brilliant fire like a winter sun beam.

I am so thrilled that Ingrid from Experiments in Fiction chose to feature this on her “Spring Into Summer Sonnet Sunday” post today. Thank you Ingrid!! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Fall into Winter (Canberra – Australia)

  1. Love the coziness you create in your poem. Even the blanket of snow outside. Looks like you’re wrapped up for winter. Hope you’re stocked with some good books, and I, for one, will be looking forward to all of your wonderful poetry.

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