I wrote to a dear friend today: “I think if I were to describe me, I have areas of great calm and acceptance, areas of great sadness and areas of utter confusion. And then, when all that has cycled through, I have an area of blissful, cocooning exhaustion.”

they gave me
the pre-med

half a minute
and it swooped
across my vision
like a windscreen wiper
and turned my 
inner eyelids
dripping red
like clay oozing 
down Gaudi's wall

the viscous
swab of it
thick as a 
my ears
my thoughts

to sleep

tiredness can
do the same until
i feel dense
and soft
as a cushion

outside noises
are muffled
in my stuffing

and I loll
without being here

a mind escaped

10 thoughts on “exhaustion

  1. Brilliant! When I had my first pre-med it was such a blissful feeling that I began to understand how people get hooked on drugs!
    That feeling right before you drift off to sleep has been splendidly captured.

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