To the PM

Words are like glass jars, my friend.

At some point,

their being empty

becomes blatantly obvious.

i cannot see at all

this place is steamy

Now you're cooking with gas

and it feels like nobody

is watching

A month or so ago, somebody posted a prompt that involved finding an old poem and negating it. I tried and tried and this was one of my attempts. I found it tonight and thought I’d put it up there and see what people make of it. I seem to be empty of poetry at the moment. A lot of other stuff happening so found poems make me feel like I’m still participating.

13 thoughts on “To the PM

      1. I’d just get as depressed about it as you are. But Morrison is not really much different to Johnson. This is crunching to a straight battle between the environment and capitalism, both of them have nailed the same colours to the mast.

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