A Letter Never Sent

you were an eagle
rejecting what school told you
and climbing ever upward
on thermals
to those ceilings
which I read about
but have never touched

i plateaued early
aspirationally hobbled
chewing philosophical cud
and hating the race

I didn't know for sure
it would be the last time we spoke
that day when
my sky fell down

I can't help
how nervous I felt
about trying to explain
how very hurt I was
I tried to tell you
(when you suggested coffee)
and you never replied
your silence
a confirmation
of the conversation
I had already imagined

our friendship
stretched over much
you felt i didn't work at it
as hard as you
but I felt you didn't value it
as much as me

somewhere in the middle
the tossing ocean
sent its white caps 
like gulls' wings
diving for shore

we broke among them

8 thoughts on “A Letter Never Sent

  1. So utterly beautiful, breathtaking in imagery, and of course poignant as well. I was moved to tears by the ending. This hits hard especially with drifting friendships or friendships long gone. So many regrets in between and mistakes I hope to never repeat.

    Very well-written and extremely evocative.

    Liked by 1 person

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