Morning TV interviews The Wiggles

NB I don’t think I have ever watched morning TV before. This morning, in a waiting room, I found myself confronted with 15 minutes of inanity. I don’t know what channel it was and I didn’t recognise the hosts. Only the poor Wiggles…

I saw Emma today.

You know, with the big bow
and the perfect semi circle
of polished white enamel
and the head cocked
just so

only she forgot
just for a second or two
and her face
was serious almost sad
her make up looked 
brassy and aggressive
like war paint.

And then she remembered
and affected
the transformation
so heroic

but even in masks
the eyes are true.

performing all
those up
                              upbeat  songs
and her twirling, whirling
ballet skirt

and a smile
like a last minute scarf

wound tight about the neck

19 thoughts on “Morning TV interviews The Wiggles

      1. Ha ha ha. Do you watch Gruen? You sound like the regular panel member that’s not Todd Sampson. I can’t think of his name. I can see that there’s art in ads. I really can. And there have been hilarious ones at times. But I still hate them because they’re part of consumerism and the older I get the more I dislike the language of marketing and big business. I just don’t believe any of it. When I was in year 12, we studied Turn of the Screw by Henry James. My English teacher was so excited about the fact that the narrator’s tale was questionable. He loved the ambiguity. I couldn’t see the point of reading a book of fiction where you couldn’t even believe the fictional story you were told. It seemed like a waste of time. That’s kind of how I feel about ads too… Does that make sense?

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      2. it does: but I admire their ingenuity: I accept that they are part of consumerism; funnily I;m not a fan of Gruen but I am of ads: not the loud, badgering, in your face ads, but the clever, impish ones; sometimes I rewatch them on YouTube; they have much to teach us about reaching an audience —

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      3. as for ‘Turn of the Screw’ I’ve never read it, never taught it but I understand your feelings; English teachers get worked up over the most dubious of things; I should know: I was one, and mixed with them for thirty years 🙂 it’s amazing I still love literature 🙂

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    1. I am a Gruen fan, and much more a fan of Russel Howcroft, who is hilarious in his unapologetic love of advertising, than of Todd Sampson who comes across as sanctimonious. I hate management speak, but I think advertising is rarely as bad – whoever wrote Nike’s slogan didn’t say “just operationalse it” 😀
      Great poem, really sharp observations, and quite poignant. Makes me feel sad for Emma.

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