After Dinner

it's after six 
and we head into the autumn night 
dog on leash 
kids on edge 
"it's so dark! I can't feel my feet!" 

aside from the fingernail moon 
surging upward
twixt a meander of clouds 
the street lights are on, 
coning through shimmering foliage 
splattering colour 

and lacework shadows 
caress the hollow
blue-black meeting 
of bitumen and gutter.

they run ahead 
the dog's little paws flashing staccato
beside the flourish
of their laughter

the fall is inevitable
the smack-thud of it
as his shoe clips
the deceptive dark 

it stows a pebble
(never softly)
in the palm of his hand
I hold the leash
kiss his forehead
and rub his knees

the cold air
transpires thinly
around us
and the dog's tongue
waits limply


This poem was written for Mindlove Misery Menagerie’s Wordle #245

Words: Shimmer, lace, Hollow, Fingernails, Stow, Limp, Flourish, Blue, Transpire, Meander, Never, Caress

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