A bit of Australiana


by AB (Banjo) Paterson

The strongest creature for his size
But least equipped for combat
That dwells beneath Australian skies
Is Weary Will the Wombat.

He digs his homestead underground,
He's neither shrewd nor clever;
For kangaroos can leap and bound
But wombats dig forever.

The boundary rider's netting fence
Excites his irritation;
It is to his untutored sense
His pet abomination.

And when to pass it he desires,
Upon his task he'll centre
And dig a hole beneath the wires
Through which the dingoes enter.

And when to block the hole they strain
With logs and stones and rubble,
Bill Wombat digs it out again
Without the slightest trouble.

The boundary rider bows to fate,
Admits he's made a blunder
And rigs a little swinging gate
To let Bill Wombat under.

So most contentedly he goes
Between his haunt and burrow:
He does the only thing he knows,
And does it very thorough.

Drawing by me

24 thoughts on “A bit of Australiana

  1. Super poem worms, and your sketches are awesome. Mrs H held a wombat in an Australian zoo, for a photo. it quite rightly took exception, and shit on her! I didn’t laugh, of course! 🀣

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    1. I think his poetry is such a great example of story telling in poetry form – the way it might’ve been before writing and reading became common. So memorable in rhythm and rhyme. I know Banjo didn’t write for oral tradition but I think he could have. The kids and I read The Man from Snowy River the other night. I had to explain some language. But it’s a great story.

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    1. Thanks John. I found the “talent” about three years ago. I was shocked to the core that I could produce an image that looked anything like what I intended. I always thought I was hopeless at visual arts. Anyway, I went to some classes and I really enjoyed them. But it was extremely expensive and, well, I just feel more of an affinity with words. But while my brain is a bit kaput or when I’m very tired, the drawing is a lovely activity. It’s almost like meditation.

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