Last on the Card June 2021

I don’t usually participate in Bushboy’s fun end of month prompt “Last on the Card” because, when I look, it’s usually a photo I don’t wish to put online. However, on this particular occasion, it’s a photo I rather like and am pleased to have an excuse to share it.

7 thoughts on “Last on the Card June 2021

  1. It is a wonderful Last Photo and you should be proud of it abfcow. I post dud photos so it’s no biggie. Maybe next month you’ll get in again? Thanks ever so much for joining in 🙂 🙂

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  2. I’ve also often wondered if there will come a month when I wouldn’t want to post a photo … so far so good … some are a little out of focus, some are not so well-composed, but hey, part of the fun of the challenge!

    As some months have neared, I tried to pay attention to what might have been the last shot for the month, but I haven’t yet succeeded as for some reason, i get distracted and forget on the day!!!

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