This afternoon we went for a little loop walk in Tidbinbilla – a nearby National Park. The walk we chose was the Lyrebird Trail with a bit of Cascade Trail thrown in for good measure – perhaps as much as 4kms in all.

As we stepped out of the car to begin our walk, a shower of ice rain squalled over us. Part of me wanted to just go home. I haven’t been for a proper walk for nearly two weeks and didn’t really know how I would go. But I’m so glad we didn’t go home.

We had a beautiful walk. It’s been such a wet season the creeks were all in full flow, the cascades were beautiful, and the pathway was awash in places. Luckily, P had thought ahead and packed the kids’ gumboots.

And the moss was luminous in the grey forest light.

But possibly the most special part in my eyes… or should I say ears … was that we were lucky enough to be privy to the stunning vocal repertoire of a very busy lyrebird. Unfortunately I recorded it as video (which I can’t post on my level of subscription to WP) and I haven’t yet figured out how to convert it to an audio file. 😦 Hopefully one day I’ll get my technical know-how better sorted.

And here are some other photos from today.

On a different note… and kind of for my own record… I got P to shave my head yesterday. I had started losing hair but not enough so anybody could tell. The problem is more that the chemo attacks fast growing cells which includes the scalp around the hair follicles. So when your hair is flopping about, the way hair does, it actually starts hurting. So I have got the scary part done. It’s still a massive shock to catch sight of my reflection – deliberately or accidentally. But, on the bright side, when the cat sits on me in the evenings and I get too hot, I just take my beanie off and voila… instant cooling. It’s very effective.

16 thoughts on “Tidbinbilla

    1. Thanks. 🙂 Yes, at first the kids didn’t realize it was all one bird. It imitated a currawong, a kookaburra, a wattle bird… and then it had these beautiful pure gurgles and chirrups in between. Once they realised it was all one bird, they were as enthralled as me.

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  1. Beautiful photos, and how lucky to hear a lyrebird! I haven’t been to Tidbinbilla for years, but we went in to Gundaroo and had burgers and flew kites yesterday, and one of my crazy kids went kayaking on the little stretch of Yass river there. He fell in of course.

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  2. That would have been wonderful. When we visited friends in Canberra years ago we went up to see the tracking station which was really interesting but unfortunately not the nature reserve. If I ever get there again I must try to go.

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  3. Thank you for taking us on your walk with you and sharing the interesting sights.
    And congratulations on taking the step to do your hair differently – I’ve had to shave my head in response to health as well, and I hear you about the discomfort. It is a big decision to finally get it done as well.

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