chemo or climate?

I am a vast map:
nerves, neurons
muscles, cells
humming with
improper contrivance

my shipping routes
shimmer with 
pumped poison;
destinations crumble, 
breaking free of shore

I sift downwards
a glacier shucking pieces
in sudden wailing
acknowledgement of
ecosystems derailed

shared with Earthweal Open Weekend #74

30 thoughts on “chemo or climate?

  1. Your metaphor is painfully apt……….I think humans are the cancer that has poisoned our planet. Hoping we can manage to get it right, but not holding my breath.

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  2. Wow – what a poem. There is a connection between the illnesses in our bodies and the cancerous growth of ‘progress’ across the planet. I am sorry to learn of your own cancer. I hope your treatment is effective.

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  3. Searingly fine. The heart’s way to the world is the body, and a body shrieking from the “improper contrivance” of chemotherapy is like a world overheated from improper human conveyance. It so make the global damage apparent to the heart. So sorry for your body and the world’s. – Brendan

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  4. Such an intricate weaving of your own experience with what the world as a whole is experiencing. This is breathtakingly sensitive. I hope you are feeling ok and coping with the chemo x

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    1. Many thanks. Every day is a step closer to the end of treatment, I guess. Although, of course, I suppose I will be monitored for the rest of my life. Like a bird with a tracking device. πŸ™‚. I am on the map!

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