Hare & Tortoise

i feel fast. rage, hurt, unfairness. but knowing how to react or even the reasons for the feelings is slow like digesting a heavy meal, and then when the evolution from snap feeling to reasoned argument occurs, i am lost as to what to do with my reasoning. people don’t like it when you track wrongs. retrospective arguments are annoying. but because i think slowly they’re often the only sort i get to have so i begin on the wrong foot every time.

the hare darting forward
putting dust in sad tortoise eyes
tears punctuate the trail

12 thoughts on “Hare & Tortoise

  1. Remember what Winston Churchill said Worms. He had a slight speech impediment which was ridiculed by an opposition MP in the House of Commons. He replied,”Madam, my guns may be slow, but they are exceedingly powerful!”πŸ‘

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    1. It has to be said, though, he had no trou Le thinking on his feet. We had a politician who was good with come-backs. I think it was Gough Whitlam. They were brilliant. But I would hate to be on the receiving end. Some were quite cutting.

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      1. Lady Astor once accused him of being drunk. His riposte was,”And you, madam, are ugly, but I will be sober in the morning!” How cutting is that!

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  2. It feels sometimes like I seem to start almost every dialogue out of sync or on the wrong foot. I end up second-guessing myself so much that engaging at all feels like a really bad idea.
    Makes it really kinda special when I surprise myself.

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