What do you see?

look there 

notes on a musical clef
crotchets hanging

sight read 


flight's rest

a row of pigeons 
silhouettes bowing to 
tails fanned  

clatter of wings 
circling fright 

bow and fan again

a photo, a tune 
a swing-rhythm 
a wing-rhythm 
a juke 

Written for dVerse Quadrille 131 with Brian Miller

38 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. I love how those musical notes hang in the air – and this ends in the middle, leaving us wanting more. There’s a musical term for that but I can’t remember the name of it! Maybe you know?

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    1. Yes. In my chemo haze on Friday I looked at my photos and was there trying to work out the notes. 🀣🀣. Not for long. But it was enough to jot down the idea for a poem. And so… thanks to dVerse (and a few days to regain clarity), here it is.

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  2. notes on a musical clef
    crotchets hanging

    Very good. Seriously. I think I’ve said this before to you, but this is the sort of imagery that is really hard for me to come up with. I’m quite impressed!


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    1. Oh this was a chemo gift of sorts. I saw the photo of the pigeons and my exhausted brain was honestly trying to figure out the notes. Our kids are both obsessed with music at the moment. We have unfinished manuscripts in profusion about the house. So I guess that colluded with chemo to produce a momentary delusion which I had presence of mind enough to jot down before the notion fled.

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  3. This is so strangely beautiful…like squinting to see different visions, perspectives or perhaps realities.I love it.
    Sending you healing thoughts…


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