Different Century, Same…?

the Romans
feathered helmets erect
learned the sterility
of war

their Empire's
wondrous landmarks
became punctuation
in history's soil

their roads
crossed continents
in massive webs

their confidence
still glimmers in 
ancient armour
and upturned

but now, 
we're in dress-rehearsal
writing history

our age
split asunder by
tablets lit
with green-glowing
back-turned candles -

100 million tiny communions
the uproar
of savage, silent voices
in compassless

our wars are digital
- the sharp slice
of ambiguity
through fact's
gallant stonework

are we too
earmarked for failure?

Written for MLMM Wordle #249
Words:  gallant, ear-marked, sterility, fail, stone, plotting, rehearsal, punctuation, ambiguity, 100, back-turned, communion

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