who is she?
face like mine
but aged
in a tiny sudden way

                  surprising as a pond -

	murky water
    turned mother of pearl
	a dance-floor for the sky

		time is a galaxy
                             pinpointed and vast
                       I find security
                                     counting frost hairs
                                              around a leaf;
                                           photographing rain drops

in the puddles
      the trees swing deep
	one inch depth
 consumes the angophora’s 
                  towering height

			she is there too
                                       it’s where we find each other
                                               flipper thin and bare
                                                       as cotton reels

we meet
	upside-down this year
                       it makes sense

like Earth needing a face-mask

linked to earthweal open weekend #76

19 thoughts on “reflections

      1. I’m sure it works for some people, a bit above me that’s all. Anyway, we can enjoy poetry without necessarily understanding what the poet is saying can’t we. πŸ™‚

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  1. beautitul; I too find security in observing and recording the surprising intricacies of nature, not so much my own aging; a little frightening, ‘aged in a tiny, sudden way’; a great, topical ending !

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  2. The fleeting only whispers its name, and the flickers here are true. Why else title a poem “reflections”? There is a craft to blending them to a readable truth; the art is nature’s (“flipper-thin and bare / as cotton reels”) while ours is to remain astonished. – Brendan

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