Everything Wonderful

You were there.
Like the cherry tree
bare and new,
tucked in with love

and me, cluttered 
as birdsong, showing you
everything wonderful
before your eyes had cleared


I walk now
as the harvest field,
looking one direction -
seeing black and white
the blue gum 
and the sulo bin
carved out of street light
like midnight statues

behind me the house glows
gently yellow
like your hair
and the warm colour of your hug

pressed into my dressing gown
your thin arms
grounding me
-  that tiny cherry tree

showing me the way now
reminding me
of everything wonderful

I originally posted this on July 4. I have re-worked it just slightly for Sarah O’Connor’s Earthweal prompt: LAMMAS. To be frank, I had never heard of Lammas until yesterday. The fact that I am not Christian and that I don’t live in the Northern Hemisphere are two possible reasons for this gap in my knowledge. I have learned that Lammas is an autumn festival celebrating harvest (mainly in English speaking European countries – a detail on Wikipedia I found puzzling. Why English speaking?).

We are heading into spring here in Australia but the prompt is very broad – talking about harvest in any sense – achievements, personal experience, etc. My health has lately compromised my ability to be the mother my children are used to. I hope this poem about my daughter’s heart-warming response can be accepted in this context.

20 thoughts on “Everything Wonderful

  1. “Cluttered as birdsong” – how wonderfully unexpected and fresh! Awwwww, how sweet this poem is, once I read your notes and had a clearer idea of the context. It is beautiful.

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  2. I think Sarah’s “you reap what you sow” is all the Lammas we all need every day. Certainly there’s a rich harvest here, irregardless of the season. Lammas and Imbolc (Candlemas) have vanished the greatest from Western culture, but that doesn’t me we don’t still enact them unconsciously. Deep deep feeling here. – Brendan

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