Sky Joy #earthweal

Cockatoo river
what murmur on the
sleet silted breeze
set wings to strobing
silver and black
against the thick
grey goosedown sky?

Your flock's stream
arcs in muscular parallel
with Earth's stretch until, elated

I too throw arms wide
to feel the joyous horizon.

Written in response to whimsygizmo’s dVerse Quadrille prompt ‘your poem theme “stream”‘

Submitted for Brendan at Earthweal’s search for the sublime. I feel a bit lazy submitting it for a second prompt but it seems very appropriate and … well, I beg ill health. πŸ™‚

39 thoughts on “Sky Joy #earthweal

    1. Thanks, Hobbo. 😊. Goosedown is a particularly nice image to sleep with. But I have to admit, this image was a gift. I was sitting waiting for a blood test and trying to write my quadrille. I thought about the dark sky I saw and tried to find an image. I looked in my lap and there was the label of the jacket in my lap. “goosedown” it blurted. I could hardly believe my luck!!

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  1. How wonderful to hear another Australian voice at Earthweal. There is something about our birds that is truly uplifting. You are a mighty fine poet and your words express that feeling beautifully.

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  2. I don’t think there is a sublime until one is capable or willing to receive it, and there is always a prior cost to that — a suffering, even horror — that changes the perception of the beautiful. I love the arms-wide embrace in emulation of a great bird’s flight. It endures. – Brendan

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