In the moment

quick silver

life dose of poison
in fattened veins
at vision’s corner
like dew drops
in morning sun

glaring on branch
dark finger's
quiet quiver

bright the barb

blood sport


16 thoughts on “In the moment

  1. I thought this poem was about a feather 🙈🤦‍♀️ On a second reading of it I am astounded. Your writing is growing increasingly precise and glorious even when the subject matter is almost intolerable. Such is the power of words in the hand of a skilled writer. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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    1. Oooh. The feather is so interesting. I don’t think it’s strange. The sensations I was attempting to describe are not painful. Just very weird. The shimmering. The sense of something fast in my there are a lot of light words in there. I get the feather thing. And I am glad of all feedback. I live it but I am conscious that not everyone does, in fact maybe my response to the chemo is quite personal and therefore I have no idea if what I feel actually gets across in my words.

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