The Moods of Sunrise

At 7am the sky
is streaks
apricots and indigo
a dash of gold
and the wash behind
of translucent milky blue

gold invades
every streak ripening
silhouettes deepen

the northern horizon
a flat heap of indigo
and quietly bruising

we're awash in dank mustard
and over there
in the pummeled north
the first crisp light
stings the tree tops
a frontal attack
sharp and sure

like daylight is a fading
the whole palette swipes again
washed watery blue

just a skitter of citrus
a promise from the sun

great bleeding shafts
of lemon peel
dulling the background
to monotony

any yellow
leaps from the landscape

and then it's gone
shuffled to the back
of a grey cloud pack

this wet winter's
cumulus stack

The other morning, when the house was quiet, I sat and watched the sky evolve into daytime. I was fascinated by the mood changes. I noted it all down. I have amended my notes a little but it’s basically as it was. A record of sunrise.

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